It feels good to finally announce something we have been thinking about for years: a database framework to help organizations taking more advantage of digital systems and computers. We have been discussing the creation of such a tool inside the basx network for a long time now. But it seemed like never to be the right time to make a full commitment for a full featured open source framework. Maybe the problem was that we have been thinking too much about creating a finished product? I would say yes, that was what kept us back. While working on many different projects for a wide range of clients we started to realized something more and more: Different organizations have vastly different workflows. And these workflows influence the design of any database solution immensely. A finished product will therefore never be enough to serve as a complete solution. And, in short, is why we decided to launch and publish basxConnect.

If you are interested in hearing a check out the video below which was recorded basxConnect at ICCM Europ 2021.

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